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Setting Up the COMP2121 AVR Board at Home on a Linux Machine

Just quickly because I need to get back to work, here is how I managed to finally set up a working environment to use the COMP2121 AVR Board at home using linux.

  1. Installed Sun’s Virtual Box.
  2. Downloaded and installed Windows 7 Beta (Because its free (as in free beer) and only expires after this course is over)
  3. Under the network settings for the Windows 7 virtual machine, disabled it from the rest of the world (I don’t need it here, so save my download for better things that Windows updates).
    Virtual Box Network Settings
  4. Install AVR Studio.
  5. Install a driver (I used this one http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM%202.04.16.exe) from here http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm. Don’t need to worry about trusting anything as this virtual will just be used for the AVR board.
  6. In the bottom right hand of the virtual box window enable the “FTDI USB <->UNSW uLab” USB device (when its plugged in).
  7. Run nite.exe with these arguments ” -l com3 -f 4 -t 1 -h X:\AVRProj\”. You may need to check if its com3 or something else in “Device Manager”. Where that last path is the default directory (I set up a shared directory in the VM settings).
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