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Dilemma of the day: remap capslock as backspace or escape?

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The dilemma of the day.

Should I remap capslock as backspace or escape?

Escape pros: makes mode switching in Vim really easy.
Escape cons: I don’t really use Esc much, except in vim. Perhaps there are apps where accidentally hitting esc (much easier when it is remapped to the capslock key) could be dangerous?
Escape neutrals: I don’t really need a handy esc for vim mode switching, because you could use Ctrl+C in Vim. That said, capslock is easier than Ctrl+C.

Backspace pros: I make a lot of typing errors, having a closer backspace would be a real help.
Backspace neutrals: Perhaps auto-corrective features would eliminate the need to backspace to manually correct typos.
Verdict. I think I’ll go with mapping it as escape.

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