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“NearMap could map all of Australia for just $75 million”

To quote Stuart Nixon (source),

NearMap could map all of Australia for just $75 million (and at vastly higher quality, with free use by all Australians and Government agencies). This compares favourably to the $48 million or so that MDBA would expect to pay to just map the Murray Darling Basin (which covers 15% of Australia) based on their Stage 1 tender.

To be fair I should also consider the details of the license agreements that each offer their imagery under…

Also from his letter,

In July 2009 MDBA issued a “Stage 1” tender to cover 5% or 50,000km2 of the Basin. NearMap’s $1.1 million offer provided 1 meter Terrain and 10cm ortho-photo maps. Instead, the tender was awarded to the overseas company Intermap Technologies at a cost of about $2.4 million for 5 meter terrain and 60 cm ortho-radar maps.

The “Stage 1” tender is a precursor to obtaining terrain and photo maps for the remaining 95% of the Basin. NearMap’s all-of-Basin solution would save $26 million compared to overseas suppliers.

If only I had time to investigate further.

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