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COMP2911 Wk 01

A few random things I’ve picked up this week that I think are noteworthy.

To my understanding,

  • jre – Java Runtime Environment (of which the jvm (Java Virtual Machine) is an instance):
    When you compile a Java program Java bytecode is produced, not machine code. The JRE/JVM is used to convert this Java bytecode into machine code so that the program can run. This allows Java programs to be run on whatever platform you have a JRE for.
  • jdk – Java Development Kit:
    This is the compiler that produces Java bytecode from your Java source.


Some indicators of Good Design,

  • Don’t notice it/less obvious/doesn’t draw your attention

Some indicators of Bad Design,

  • Unnecessary effort to get it to do what you want it to do
  • Not fulfilling it’s purpose for its intended audience


Eclipse and NetBeans are both IDE’s. They pretty much do the same thing. Though NetBeans is made by Sun.


I think these two slides from Potter’s notes sum things up nicely.

point_class_annotatedpoint_annotatedAn extension of this point class is, (the arrows show which variables java is refering to)

point_class2And some sample code to use this class,

   Point p = null;
   p = new Point(1, 2);
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